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Mock Jury/Trial

The biases and reactions of your jurors to your case are crucial to preparation for arbitration, mediation, and trial. Litigators must discover how well jurors understand the issues and themes in a case, and the deliberations can surprise you. Your jurors will miss things you thought were obvious and catch things you may have missed entirely. Mock trials and studies conducted prior to trial can help identify what juror reactions may be in court. Experienced jury consultants analyze juror reactions before you step foot in the courtroom. We can assist you in staging an effective mock trial to help you evaluate potential juror reactions. Mock trials can integrate your testimonial evidence, documents, video and exhibits into a concise and powerful trial presentation.

We can recruit to find you jurors that match your jurisdiction's demographics better than anyone. We can schedule, recruit, coordinate, and moderate anywhere in the United States. We can provide or arrange mock trials in professional focus group facilities and in simulated professional focus group facilities where no professional locations are available. Our expert team can prepare professional, discrete facilities in hotels, conference centers, and elsewhere. If you want to be there but can't make the trip that day, participate in live streaming of the mock trial to any location.

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