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Focus Groups Nationwide

We can schedule, recruit, coordinate, and moderate anywhere in the United States. We provide and arrange focus group facilities and simulated professional focus group setups at hotels or conference centers, even where no professional location are available. Focus Groups are an invaluable tool for researching the beliefs, perceptions, awareness, knowledge, and behaviors of targeted populations (anywhere from 2 to 3 people at a time called dyads and triads, to 10+ people in a dynamic group discussion). PMR provides nationwide focus group set-up and coordination services. Our clients find focus groups to be an invaluable stage in the the development of specific programs, initiatives, campaigns and projects. Often, focus groups are used to describe, define, and flesh-out research issues before developing a quantitative survey instrument such as a questionnaire.


PMR provides or recruits respondents in all age groups and demographics anywhere in the U.S. (young children, pre-teens, teens, students, young adults, older adults, seniors, and the elderly). For each focus group study we direct, we develop a specific respondent sample list and recruit respondents matching project criteria. PMR provides an on-site greeter/coordinator to setup the focus group environment, to assist moderator and clients in observing groups, and handling monetary incentives/comforts for respondents. Prior to the group discussion, PMR services may include respondent screening, development and translation(s) of the focus group discussion guide, on-site coordination, monitoring, providing refreshment provisions at all focus group locations, and more. PMR provides comprehensive full reports with executive summaries of focus group studies, key findings, conclusions and recommendations, and verbatims. When studies include multiple focus group sessions, PMR provides comparative analysis between age groups, ethnicity, genders, locations, and etc. Presentation of findings in conclusion can also be made in person to supplement written reports. Our expertise and flexibility allow us to conduct market research in places previously unreached with conventional focus group design and recruiting.

Additional Nationwide Specifications

  • Video/Audio recordings of all groups for future documentation and review
  • Streaming of focus groups to any off-site locations.
  • Transcriptions, audio, video, translations, and written summary/full reports are included
  • Multi-cultural and bi-lingual moderators (Caucasian, African-American, Hispanic, Haitian, Asian, and others)